Independence lesson

    In the assembly hall of the Ferghana branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, there was held an Independence lesson for freshmen Director of the branch Sh. Usmanov congratulated everyone on the 28th anniversary of independence and the new academic year. In addition, he fully acquainted all those present with the decision of President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev No. PD-3218 “On the establishment of the Ferghana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan” dated August 16, 2017, and added that the branch has already been accepting students for the third year, which in turn is a joyful event. Sh.Usmanov gave examples of the political process conducted by the head of  the state, and also added that much attention is paid to youth, conditions and opportunities. After that, national artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Rakhmatullaeva, whose achievements are invaluable in the history of cinema and culture, told students about the value of our independence, and homeland  in which peace and prosperity rule, and  multifaceted creative people have endless possibilities. National artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan and  Kyrgyz Republic Khotamova Yu, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Kh. Umarova, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Zh. Pulatov, member of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan, musician, composer, holder of the Shuhrat medal and the order “Fidokorona khizmatlari uchun” Akhmedov also shared interesting information about the past  difficult life, and how they were engaged in creativity and research in difficult years. They commented on the differences between yesterday and today and the current conditions.
At the end of the event, the deputy director for educational work A. Sattorov acquainted everyone with the planned dates for freshmen, subjects, additional lessons, spiritual and educational activities.

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