Initiation to students.

  The event “Initiation to students” was organized at the Kokand Music and Drama Theater under the motto “My native Uzbekistan, prosper forever.”
The event was attended by students of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, professors, teachers, mentors and parents of students. First-year students of musical theater, director of  musical theater, actors of puppet theater, singing and dancing, folklore and ethnography, library and informational activities presented their performances to the audience. Then the awarding ceremony of each group took place. Honored mentor of the youth of Uzbekistan Munavvara Abdullaeva, Rafikjon Akhmedov, member of the Association of Composers of Uzbekistan, holder of the “Shuhrat” medal and the order of “Fidocorona Hizmatlari Uchun”, Jurakhon Pulatov, honored artist and comedian of Uzbekistan, Azizkhon Akhmedov, director of the Kokand theater musical drama Deputy Director for Educational Work, Head of the Department of Theater Arts and Folk Art Umidakhon Boltabaeva and Specialized Mentor Ravshanzhon Dekhkanov congratulated parents and students who were accepted on a budgetary basis with diplomas. During the event, parents and mentors made speeches. At the end of the event, all 1st year students gave a student oath. Today’s art and music event shared everyone a festive mood.

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