Meeting on topic “Student residence”.

  In the assembly hall of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, an open dialogue on the topic “Student residence” took place. Many students rent and live in apartments that do not meet the necessary conditions and safety, and which represent various social and domestic risks. Employees of the Internal Affairs Directorate Kokanda Ergashev, B. Shermatov, employee of the Kokand passport office Z. Mavlonov, inspector of the State Tax Inspectorate D. Tozhinazarov offered their help to students in accommodation and training, providing them with all necessary amenities and warned students from the influence of various negative ideas, and provided legal information on temporary and permanent registration, and on unreasonable agreements with the owner, always be in contact with the chairman of the mahalla committee and the district supervisor. During the conversation, students of the branch received answers to their questions.

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