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A creative meeting was held in the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture with the Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an honorary professor of the branch, a specialist in folklore and ethnography, a unique artist Zhurakhon aka Pulatov. Presentation of the book “Master of the Word Jurakhon Pulatov” written by Mirkhodzhiddin Dzhamoliddinov, head of the Uzbek language and literature department of the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, and Todzhihon Tashboltaev, senior teacher and Mukimiy museum researcher Shakhnoza Islomova. The authors of the book provided information on the genre of satire and humor, the role of the mentor Jurakhon Pulatov in the development of satire. The word “Askiya” is of Arabic origin that means intelligence, wit, and the genre of Uzbek folklore. Kokand is the center of Askiya folk art, where many creative people lived and worked, who were ordinary artisans, some blacksmiths and some agricultural workers. The ancestors of Jurakhon Pulatov, who met his 86th birthday, were famous artists in the Khan era. During the meeting, students got the opportunity to listen to interesting events and stories from the mentor Jurakhon Pulatov, as well as some tips. Following the traditions of the teacher and student, the younger students of Jurahon-aka are also studying at our branch. We would like to wish these students the same success as their mentor.

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