Creative collaboration

1st and 2nd year students studying in the direction of singing and dancing of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan visited 4 specialized boarding schools for children with disabilities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Uzbek language status as the state language. The guests were introduced to the activities of the boarding school and various handmade objects, drawings and illustrations of students. After that, the pupils of the boarding school demonstrated an art program. A group of musician students, actors and dancers, led by branch teachers Gafirjon Yunusov and Azizbek Talaboev, performed live songs and dances and gave a lot of joy to the pupils of the boarding school. At the end of the event, the staff of the 4th specialized boarding school for children with disabilities thanked the students and teachers of the branch. And again it was proved that a lot of attention is paid to children with disabilities in our independent state. We hope that this creative cooperation and meetings will be permanent.

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