«Brave sons»

A creative meeting was held in the Fergana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan with the art team of the «Muruvvat House» for disabled men in Kokand. Under the artistic direction of Abdulhakim Mamadzhanov, a group of creative men performed the concert program “You are dear to us, Uzbekistan!” The program featured anti-terrorism scenes, songs that glorify our independent Uzbekistan, handmade puppets and dance parodies. The concert gave the audience a great mood. Seeing such people makes us think. Sometimes it is impossible to find the same enthusiasm and endless love for the country, in completely healthy people? In our caring and friendly country, all conditions are created for people with disabilities. They also study, research and make art like the rest. Today’s creative meeting has proved that in our society everyone is equal. The branch team wished the guys of the Brave Sons group great success.


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