About following internal rules of conduct

Matlubakhon Saidova, head of the Family center in Kokand, and lieutenant Nafisakhon Egamova, inspector of the department of internal affairs of Kokand, held a meeting in the conference hall of the Ferghana regional branch of the state institute of arts and culture. Currently, some institutions of higher and secondary specialized education do not pay enough attention to the culture and appearance of students, teachers and staff. Today’s meeting was held on this topic.
Some students come to classes in unusual or tight-fitting, with various metal chains, and even in religious clothes, some guys come with beards, which is a violation of the internal rules of the institution. Internal rules of conduct should be the same for both teachers and students. Students must come to school in an established manner and at the same time clean and trimmed. According to paragraph 36 on the provision for the transfer, restoration and expulsion of students from higher educational institutions, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2017 No. 393, students can be expelled for violation of academic discipline and the internal rules of the educational institution. Akmaljon Sattorov, deputy director for academic affairs and Dilmurojon Madolimov, head of the department for youth, spirituality and education, provided students with the necessary information about internal discipline and behavior. During the meeting, students received full answers to their questions.

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