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A number of professors, doctors of science and literary critics visited the Fergana regional branch of the State Institute of arts and culture of Uzbekistan. Professor of the Tashkent state institute of oriental studies, doctor of philology Bokijon Tokhliev, professor of the academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, institute of uzbek literature and folklore, doctor of philology Shomirza Turdiev, director of the academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, director of the state museum named after Alisher Navoi, doctor of philology Jabbor Eshankulov, professor of Karabul university in Turkey, doctor of philology Nodirkhon Hasan visited the branch and got acquainted with its activities. Then a round table was organized with the students of the branch. During the conversation, examples were given about the connection between literature and art, and that when compiling songs, much attention was paid to poetry or gazelles, and several interesting examples, ideas and comments on folklore genres and ethnography were made. At the end of the interview, the branch students received full answers to their questions.

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