Elections 2019

A legal basis has been created for each citizen of the Republic, as well as for each organization, to make a significant contribution to ensuring open and transparent elections. We are confident that citizens will take full advantage of these opportunities and actively participate in the formation of a new parliament and new local councils.

Uzbekistan is on the eve of a major political process – elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, regional, city and district councils of people’s deputies. Elections play an important role in the implementation of democratic reforms in the country, as well as for the strategic goals of strategic development for the near and distant future.

In all areas of the republic, preparations for elections are being monitored through social networks. Polling station 151 is located in the building of the Fergana regional branch of the state institute of arts and culture of Uzbekistan. The preparations for the elections were organized under the chairmanship of the branch psychologist Rakhmatjon Kuziboev. There are all necessary conditions for the election process.

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