Lesson of Actor skills

A master class was organized for first-year students in the direction of actors of the musical theater of the Fergana branch of the state institute of arts and culture of Uzbekistan. The honored professors of the branch, Honored artist of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan Yorkinoy Khotamova and the honored art worker of Uzbekistan Karim Yuldashev took part in the master class. Zakhidjon Abdunazarov – teacher, specialist and actor, laureate of “The best man actor of the year”, also conducted creative classes in this group. Despite their young age, students achieve positive results in the field of acting. In the master class, students presented various performances and interesting studies. Continuing the tradition of mentor and students, creative students received useful advice, guidance and praise from their mentors. In the future, we wish talented students good luck and creative development.


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