«Our flag is our pride, our honor»

November 18 – an educational event was held in the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan under the name “Our flag is our pride, our honor” on the day of the adoption of the national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan! In order to create a sense of devotion to the country, respect for the history of the country and the values of the nation, as well as a sense of humanity, the professors and students of the branch took an active part in today’s event. Akmaljon Sattorov, deputy director for educational work of the branch, provided full information that the state flag reflects the historical connection and reflection of the national and cultural traditions of the republic, the blue color on the flag is a symbol of life, and white is a symbol of peace. Then students and teachers of the branch performed the national anthem. The event featured poems, songs and dramas dedicated to the independence of our country.

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