O’zbekiston Davlat san’at va madaniyat institutining Farg’ona mintaqaviy filiali

School and Music

On November 20, 2019 teachers of the Faculty of Theater and Folk Art of Ferghana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan held a master class for pupils of the 11th grade at Kokand city’s  secondary school 1. Gafirjon Yunusov and Lazizkhon Eshmatov teachers of folklore and ethnography  department led by Rafikjon Akhmedov, a member of the Association of Composers of Uzbekistan, owner of the “Shuhrat” medal and “Fidokorona Hizmatlari uchun” orders provided information on the Shashmaqom, a masterpiece of Uzbek classical art, the vocabulary meaning  of arts and culture, the Maqom, in order to enhance the musical abilities of the schoolchildren and improve their musical skills. They answered questions on 5 important initiatives of the President. During the master class Rafikjon Akhmedov performed the song “Soginch”, which he composed for young music lovers. Master artist Gafirjon Yunusov sang samples of Uzbek folk songs. At the end of the lesson, the composer Rafikjon Akhmedov presented the recently published book “Gijjak nolasi” to the school community.

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