Master classes in schools

Teachers of Fergana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, member of the Association of Composers of Uzbekistan, and the owner of the “Shuhrat” Medal and Order “Fidokorona xizmatlari uchun” Rafikhon Akhmedov, a teacher of folklore and ethnography Gafirjon Yunusov gave a master class in music. During the training, they were was fully informed about the activities, directions and creative process of the branch. Then the pupils of the school were taught the song “Soqinomai Savtikalon” from the Rost maqom with the ghazal of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur and performed with the pupils. The folklore and ethnography series, performed by Rakhimakhon Mazohidova, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, were accompanied by examples of lapars and yallas (uzbek classical folk ways of performing songs). In the meantime, the song “Soginch” and the song “Ortar” were sung by the master artists. Today’s creative meeting and master class left a lasting impression on pupils.

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