Master classes are going on

A creative meeting was held in the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture with the Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an honorary professor of the branch, a specialist in folklore and ethnography, a unique artist Zhurakhon aka Pulatov. Presentation of the book “Master of the Word Jurakhon Pulatov” written by Mirkhodzhiddin Dzhamoliddinov, head of the Uzbek language and literature department of the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, and Todzhihon Tashboltaev, senior teacher and Mukimiy museum researcher Shakhnoza Islomova. The authors of the book provided information on the genre of satire and humor, the role of the mentor Jurakhon Pulatov in the development of satire. The word “Askiya” is of Arabic origin that means intelligence, wit, and the genre of Uzbek folklore. Kokand is the center of Askiya folk art, where many creative people lived and worked, who were ordinary artisans, some blacksmiths and some agricultural workers. The ancestors of Jurakhon Pulatov, who met his 86th birthday, were famous artists in the Khan era. During the meeting, students got the opportunity to listen to interesting events and stories from the mentor Jurakhon Pulatov, as well as some tips. Following the traditions of the teacher and student, the younger students of Jurahon-aka are also studying at our branch. We would like to wish these students the same success as their mentor.

In the next master class.

Munavvarа Abdullayevа, Honored Mentor of Uzbekistan’s Youth, visited the Ferghana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. She held a master class for second-year students in the direction of musical theater actors. During the course, students presented their author’s studies and various performances. Munavvara Abdullaeva, who has many years of experience, shared her impressions of the skill of young artists, as well as their successes and shortcomings.

Physical training lessons

Physical education classes and various sports classes are held for students of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. Students of the branch, led by physical training teacher Zafarjon Ernazarov, regularly engage in volleyball, basketball, football, tennis and other sports.

Musical ensemble

Students of the direction “Singing and dancing”, studying at the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, master the secrets of not only singing but also playing musical instruments. Rafikjon Akhmedov, member of the Association of Composers of Uzbekistan, winner of the «Shukhrat» medal and the order of «Fidocoronа Hizmatlari Uchun», dean of the faculty of Theater Arts and Folk Art, teaches young talents and musicians of Uzbek folk music. In this lesson, students improved their musical skills by working on the composition of the composer Muhammadzhon Mirzaev’s “Spring Waltz”. Some frames from the lesson.

Vocal secrets

Students of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan also learn the secrets of singing and musical skill from an experienced teacher Azizbek Khaidarov and musician Diloromkhon Musaeva. Azizbek Khaidarov, who has many years of experience, teaches young talents and future theater actors the secrets of tuning the voice, controlling and using sound, the correct performance of plays and arias. We present to you the process of mastering the aria of Nadir from the musical drama “Guli Siyoh.”

Vocal lessons.

A wide range of vocal classes for students studying in the direction of musical theater actors are organized in the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. Senior vocal teacher Tashpulatjon Akbarov and musician Dostonbek Gafirov teach future actors the secrets of sound transmission, proper breathing while singing, vocal training and attention to the range. We`d like to introduce a few photos from this lesson.

Theater studios are branch guests

  The head of our state encourages young people to participate more actively in culture, art and sports, developing skills in the effective use of information technology, promoting reading among young people, and promoting women’s employment on 5 important initiatives. At the branch’s initiative, propaganda events were organized in some districts and cities of the region under the slogan “Initiative for Initiative” and events of “Theater Studios”. Creative and artistic meetings are held between these studios and our branch. A group of theater students from Uchkuprik, Dangarа and Besharik districts visited our branch. They provided their attractive dances and songs to branch students.

Lesson analysis.

  In the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, professors and teachers often come together and analyze lessons. Observing the enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge and creativity of teachers and students during the course, you will be glad to see how talented young people learn from their mentors and their results. In today’s lesson, “Stage Speech” on the subject of imagination and lively vocabulary, teachers from the branch attended to analyze the lesson. Second-year students of musical theater actors with Umidakhon Boltabaeva, an honored teacher of public education, learned to express themselves clearly and fluently, breathe correctly, arouse imagination, memorize poems, gazelles, and correct pronunciation of words. Branch specialists analyzed the lesson and shared their feedback with teachers and students.

2nd meeting of the scientific council.

The meeting of the scientific council of the branch was held in the conference hall of the Ferghana regional branch of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. The director of the branch, associate professor Shamsiddin Usmanov presented to everyone the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Akmaljon Sattorov, deputy director for educational work of the branch, spoke about the issues of improving the rating of the branch in the 2019-2020 academic year, make positive decisions by studying student proposals based on surveys. During the meeting, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Approving the Concept for the Development of Higher Education until 2030” was presented by the Deputy Director of the Branch on Science and Innovation Rashidkhan Turgunbaev. At the same time, Umidakhon Boltabaeva, head of the department of theatrical art and folk art, spoke about the status of regulatory documents (work program, personal curriculum for the lessons of professors and teachers).

Circle «Мозийдан садо»

We continue to acquaint with the activities of the circles organized in the Ferghana regional branch of the Uzbek State Institute of Arts and Culture. Gofirjon Yunusov, singer and musician, conducts a master class on folklore and ethnography. Students learn the secrets of songs from folklore samples of the Ferghana Valley, the Khorezm oasis, Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya and other areas. Students are very pleased with the creative activities organized in the branch outside the lessons. We wish trainers and students of the branch good mood and great success in their creative endeavors.