Center of Information Technologies

The Center of information technologies of the branch was founded in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PQ-3218 from August 16, 2017, when the Fergana Regional Branch of the State Institute of Art and Culture was established. The center conducts its activities based on the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regulatory documents of ministries and higher departments, the charter of the branch and the orders and instructions of the director of the branch.

The strategic direction of the center is the creation and improvement of the information infrastructure of the branch, the introduction of information technology in the educational process and the organization of distance learning.

O‘zbekiston davlat san’at madaniyat institutining Farg‘ona mintaqaviy filialiThe center is headed by Tuxtasinov Maqsadjon, Master of KSPI.

The center provides monitoring and optimization of information and communication technologies in the educational process and management. The specialists of the center conduct the process of automating the activity of the branch library. Training manuals developed by faculty with the support of the center are regularly published on the portal ZiyoNET. The specialists of the center have developed and constantly updated the site of the branch.

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