Department of marketing

Tasks of the marketing department:

  • Conducting ongoing marketing researches in the education services market, determining the qualifications of graduates of undergraduate and graduate qualifications for the requirements of educational services;
  • Determination of new directions of development and the study of changes in the conjuncture of educational services caused by the competition of services in the areas of undergraduate and graduate programs;
  • The execution and organization of the distribution of graduates based on the study of the interrelationships affecting the market of educational services and its conjuncture in the direction of undergraduate and graduate studies;
  • Based on the supply and demand for graduates in the areas of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in creating a data bank by assessing the system of consumers of educational services, grouping and determining geographic location, and determining potential opportunities;
  • Creating a data bank for graduates of the current year;
  • The opening of new specialties, taking into account the economic and social development of regions and industries;
  • Creation of current and prospective “order portfolios” on government grants and contracts, taking into account the demand of employers for existing specialties.

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