Set of documents

Reception of documents from applicants of higher educational institutions in various fields of study is carried out annually from June 15 to July 15.

Applicants submit the following documents to the admissions office of the educational institution:

  • a statement indicating the direction of study, language of instruction and form of study;
  • original document of secondary or specialized secondary education;
  • medical certificate form 086/U;
  • copy of the passport;
  • photo 6 pieces (photographed at the Institute);
  • folder 1 piece;
  • folder 1 piece;
  • envelope 2 pieces.

In addition, the applicant personally presents to the selection committee the originals of the passport and the document of involvement in military service.

The winners of republican and international olympiads and competitions provide the original document giving the right of admission without examinations.

Persons who have served military service and received a recommendation from military unit, applicants must submit this recommendation to the admissions office of the educational institution no later than July.

After checking the completeness of the applicant’s documents, photographing is carried out with a webcam and after the documents are accepted. This photo is entered into the database of applicants and sent to the state test center. After receiving the documents the applicant is issued a receipt.

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